Auctioneer Near Me

Locate an Auctioneer Near Me for a Fast Sale

Is it time to make things happen? If you need to clear out your equipment shed or simply free up some cash, call North Texas Auctions as an experienced auctioneer near me. We can come to you to do a complete appraisal of any farm equipment or land that you need to get off your books. We may be able to help you connect with another local farmer seeking a used tractor or will schedule an auction on your land to help you complete the job in short order.

Lower Your Tax Burden with Land Clearing in Texas

Has your farm land sat uncultivated for a few years and now you are ready to sell it off for development? We also offer land clearing in Texas so that the potential buyer is able to see a premium piece of land ready to roll. After we complete the clearing, we are also registered real estate brokers that can put you in touch with contractors looking to build a single home, an entire neighborhood, or even return the property back to a working farm.

Put Your Land Back to Work or Subdivide for Development

How do you make the decision to have the land cleared? First, give us a ring for a competitive appraisal of the old farm in its current condition. We will help you see real numbers and decide if your property is perfect for conversion to premium country homes, can be turned into a smaller farm with surrounding homes, or is close enough to town to be eligible for commercial development. Once you have a plan in place, our auctioneer will put the word out to the appropriate buyers in the area.

When you are ready to make a change, ring up North Texas Auctions. We have the experience and contacts needed to turn your farm auction into a profitable success.

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