Auctions North Texas

Full Service Texas Auctions House for You

How do you sell off the farm, the house, and just about everything in it? You work with North Texas Auctions where our expertise, energy, and professionalism connects you with buyers for everything you put up on the block. Our Texas auctions house is a little different from the ones you see on television. We are licensed auctioneers with multiple locations throughout the state, but also handle complete farm estate sales from the tractor to combine and even the portable chicken hut. We can help you get the cash you need for the equipment, furniture, and buildings that will be going out of business.

Antique Auctions in Texas Featuring Furniture, Signs, and Collectibles

Farm barns are wonderful sources for a wide variety of items that were popular during the middle of the last century. If you have a love for metal signs, vintage collectibles, or rustic antiques, check out our antique auctions in Texas. While we do hold large auctions at our auction house, many of these smaller items will end up on our online auction page. If you are clearing out an old equipment shed, give us a ring. We do travel for appraisal and can offer transportation for finder items to our house for a fast and lucrative sale.

Popular Auctions North Texas

Why do you want to work with a large auction house? We run some of the most popular auctions North Texas. More people know our names and have experienced a safe, honest, and upfront sale in the past, so they share the excitement with their friends. More shoppers means more bidders and that earns you the highest possible price for your items. This applies to our farm equipment, too, as we maintain a huge network of farmers looking to improve their production while keeping their budget on track.

Estate Sales, Foreclosures, or Fast Property Sales

Where do we source our antiques? When a farm closes down for good, the land often includes a large farm house that has stood for generations. We can help farmers looking to liquidate by identifying the pieces in their homes that can bring the highest bids. We know heavy machinery, have registered real estate brokers on staff, and feature expertise with popular collectibles and fine furniture. It's all a one-stop shop for the auction enthusiast.

Plan for your retirement by connecting with the auction experts at North Texas Auctions. Are you shopping to fill up your home or looking to expand farming operations? You can find it all at our auction house and heavy machinery yards.

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