Consignment Auctions

Farm Equipment Appraiser Ready to Travel

Your tractor has worked hard for these past few years, but it is time for a new one. Who do you call when you want to know an honest market value for the retired machine? North Texas Auctions is an experienced and honest farm equipment appraiser. Since a large part of our business deals with buying, trading, and selling machinery, we know that only an accurate appraisal will help you to sell your combine or tractor as soon as possible. We are able to meet you at your farm and are happy to inspect any tractors you may want to put on the auction block.

Generate Quick Cash with Our Consignment Auctions

Are you clearing out just a single room in your home or upgrading some smaller equipment in the barn? We also run consignment auctions at our auction houses on a regular basis. You bring us the goods and let our expert auctioneers sing its praise to our crowded floor. You only pay a fee if the item sells. At the end of the day, you go home with a hefty check in your pocket and a room ready for resupply or redecorating.

Industrial Equipment Auctions Helping to Clear Your Barn or Shed

Have you been working in the fields with a major food producer? What do you do when your combine is no longer needed? How do you sell it? Call North Texas Auctions. Every day we work to buy, sell, and trade heavy machinery through straight sales and industrial equipment auctions. We maintain an extensive network of farms and farmers throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. You can recoup some of your investment while keeping this expensive machinery working for its functional life.

Supporting the Reduce, Reuse, Recycling Culture

Farmers know that you must work with the planet if you want to keep growing healthy crops. Every time that you use an auction house like us to resell farm equipment, home goods, and even your house, you help to keep those items out of our landfills. We are always upfront with all our customers regarding the status of machinery that we sell. But we also know that a hard working farmer is willing to spend the time and money on maintaining their equipment. Do it right and skip the showroom by putting retired farm equipment back to work.

Give North Texas Auctions a call today to schedule your appraisal for your farm equipment, property, and valuable collectibles. We can help you generate needed cash without delay.

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