Farm Equipment Auctions

Supersized Savings at Texas Farm Auctions

Are you changing crops and need a different cultivator, spreader, or seed drill? Skip the high priced dealers and visit North Texas Auctions. We offer both online and live auctions and specialize in farm equipment auctions. How often have you seen your neighbors retire from farming and struggle to relocate their barn of huge machinery. We offer a pipeline between those leaving the business and ones that need a leg up on maintaining profit.

Fill Up Your Barns with Our Farm Equipment Auctions

Everything is bigger at Texas farm auctions, including the equipment. Did you know that a tractor has a functional life of 20 to 30 years? Leave more of your hard earned crop in the bank when you purchase a second-hand machine that may be just a few years old. Everyone reaps the benefit of reusing the equipment from the original from the original owner and to you. We encourage buyers to come down to our yards and inspect the equipment in person.

Find the Parts You Need at Farm Machinery Auctions

You never know what might end up on our shelves at our farm machinery auctions. Whether you need milking machines, fencing, feeders, tillers, or even some old buckets, our farm machinery auctions will have it all. We help those who are selling out by pairing their old equipment with eager farmers looking to save big on capital investments. You know that just about everything in your barn is built to last. That means you can buy with confidence when you recognize reliable brand named equipment and suppliers.

Raise Some Cash and Sell Off Unused Farm Equipment

Did you give up keeping the big field planted a few years back and still have an equipment shed overflowing with heavy machinery? Call us. We can travel to you, do a complete appraisal, and put your equipment up for auction. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you can add to your retirement fund while reclaiming functional space for the remainder of your business. While we are there, we can also help with thinning out your storage shed of all the unused tools you abandoned in the last century.

Is it time to sell? Are you looking to buy? Visit the website of North Texas Auctions and find the machinery, land, or supplies you need at a price you can afford. We are fully licensed and offer complete appraisal services. We want to get you the best possible price to satisfy both you and the buyer.

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