Online Equipment Auctions

Save Time and Travel with Online Equipment Auctions

Did you need a new-to-you combine and drove hours to reach the auction only to find it overpriced or so rundown it was a waste of time? At North Texas Auctions we also run online equipment auctions, so you have a better opportunity to check out our inventory before you spend any extra time in your truck. If we can get a good picture of the equipment or machinery, we do our best to post it online for competitive bidding, purchase, or to schedule an in-person inspection. When you run a farming business, time is money. Shop smarter with us!

Bid, Buy, and Sell Using Our Online Auctions

While we specialize in heavy and farming machinery, we also handle complete estate sales for many farmers that are going out of business. Our online auctions can also feature furniture, collectibles, housewares, antiques and even the farmhouse. Are you clearing out the cow shed and need to relocate milking machines and other supplies? Give us a call and we can help you list online for a fast sale at a great price. What about the land? We are licensed real estate brokers and can help residents of Texas, and Oklahoma find their next farm or parcel ripe for development.

A Texas Auctioneer Available to Help Sell Your Antiques, Machinery, or Land

There is nothing like a live auction to encourage bidders to raise the price one more time. Get the highest purchase price possible when you use our Texas auctioneer to clean out your house, barns, and equipment sheds. Cash out for your retirement! When you put the lot up for sale, we are here to maximize the return on your investment dollar by ensuring that everything goes in just a few short weeks. You end up with the cash needed to retire comfortably, buy the condo on the coast, or start up your next business venture.

Experts Post, Price, and Promote for a Faster Sale

Many smaller items and farm equipment will often sell faster and for a higher price when you use our online auctions. If you have a unique item with a niche audience, we can help you find the buyer that the antique is meant for using online promotions. Yes, even vintage farm equipment will often find a new home as artwork instead of heading off to the landfill.

Click or call North Texas Auctions today and turn your overstuffed rooms, equipment shed, and valuable antiques into cash.

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