Real Estate Auctions

Invest in Property at a Low Price with Real Estate Auctions

Are you searching for a parcel to develop? North Texas Auctions can help you find retired farm land ready for subdivision. We work with farmers all across the state that want to get rid of their farm equipment, their antiques, and sometimes the entire property. Our real estate auctions will save you time as you skip all the bother of finding a broker, waiting for closing, or even locating a real estate attorney. We are licensed real estate brokers in Texas, so we are here to protect the interests of both the buyer and sellers.

First Time Homebuyers Save Big at Real Estate Auctions Bonham TX

Are you thinking of building your first home but also want a decent plot of land? Find the right acre or two with real estate auctions around Bonham TX. As the economy and climate continues to change, more and more farms are being retired, leaving empty land that is ripe for development. Save on clearing the land as constant tilling for decades leaves a level and tree-free plot waiting for you. Do you love old homes? Think about flipping the farm house. Many of these homes have been working hard for more than a century and just need some modern upgrades.

Break Up the Old Farm with a Texas Land Auction

Perhaps you are the farmer that is finally retiring or opting for a change in occupation. If you have been unable to sell the farm as a whole, consider a Texas land auction. We can help you break up your acres into parcels that are appealing to developers or smaller farming operations. We will connect you with buyers looking for one, 10, or 100 acres and work with your local township or municipality to kickstart the zoning process. You end up with a nice nest egg for retirement or to clear lingering debts.

Find Rural Parcels Ready for Development

Is it time to get out of the big city and head to the country? Give us a ring and we may know of farming acreage that is going up on the auction block. Build your dream home out in the country, enjoy a large private lot, and take advantage of pre-planned farming roads for easy access. We always encourage buyers to do their due diligence when taking on this project, but a real estate auction is a great place to start.

Click on the featured listings tab and learn more about what North Texas Auctions can do for you. Whether you are selling the farm or looking to purchase land for crops or development, we can help you get it done.

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