Tractor Auctions

Keep Your Budget In Line with Heavy Equipment Auctions

How do you save thousands when increasing your acreage and need more tractors? North Texas Auctions believes in living big and specializes in heavy equipment auctions. Whether you need a tractor, spreader, seeder, irrigation, or other large farming equipment, you can find quality brand names that have years of life left in them on our online site and at our auction yard. Bobcats, front end loaders, and other construction-type equipment is also often found on our lots. The savvy shopper can minimize capital outlay and see a huge bump in profits when you shop smarter.

Breathe New Life into Used Machinery with Farm Tractor Auctions

As a licensed auctioneer, we will travel all across North Texas to reach your farm. We can appraise and help to transport the equipment to one of our central auction sites, or if the entire farm is up for sale, we can hold it at your place. Farmers from across the state love our farm tractor auctions, as we often also highlight other durable equipment and supplies. When you are getting out of the farming business, it's only smart to liquidate as much gear as possible to clear a path for your next chapter in life.

Retiring? We Also Buy Quality Farm Machinery at Top Prices

If you need the cash right now, we can offer up front pricing. For those looking to get the best possible price, we recommend our consignment auctions where both the auction house and seller share the benefits of a healthy bidding war. We often help retiring farmers clear out the entire estate to make it ready for the next generation. We also offer real estate auction services if you are parceling off the land for development. Times are changing and we are here to help.

Tractor Auctions Get You Back to Work

Are you switching up crops and need a new harvester designed for the new type of fruit of vegetable? Is there an old tractor in the back you keep for sentimental reasons? Turn that memory into cash and invest in your future with our tractor auctions. While selling off the old but still working tractor, you just find the next piece of needed equipment in our sales shed. Most farming equipment is designed to deliver 20 to 30 years of use, and many are retired long before they are worn out. Optimize your land and your money by shopping smarter at our auction sites.

How do you find North Texas Auctions? Check out our Upcoming Auctions page for locations, dates, and types of inventory we will have up for sale. We are licensed auctioneers and real estate brokers ready to help you with buying and selling quality farming equipment.

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